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Available in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Hebrew

CommBoards in the Press

Communication through picture cards

CommBoards helps children who have verbal communication difficulties communicate with the world around them. The words on the cards are spoken out loud on tap, so children can learn how to pronounce. You can also create your cards with original pictures and recordings, so possibilities are endless.

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Endless Customization

Unlimited creation of new categories with custom images and sounds.

Rich Image Bank

Built in with high quality imagery, divided into categories.

Use Your Voice

Record sounds using the device’s microphone and associate it with any cell.

Intuitive Design

Created by a User Experience Designer using in-depth research.

Make it Your Own

Associate photos to cells using the camera or use images from your gallery.

Tons of Features

We listen to your needs, continuously improve and add more features.

Why CommBoards?

Fun to Use, Easy to Learn

From small tips and an in-app walkthrough to get you started, to YouTube tutorials. Using CommBoards is as easy as 1,2,3!

Advanced Admin Area

Protected by a mathematical question, the admin section allows the parent to add new cells and categories, edit existing ones, and change board layouts.

This is Personal

CommBoards began as a side-project meant to help our close friend whose child was diagnosed with ASD and couldn’t communicate verbally. We decided to take on the challenge and create an app tailored to the child and parent’s needs. CommBoards is our baby project, which we released into the world to do good. Read more about our story here.

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